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Objectives and Purposes  of the Trust

The TRUST is well founded on sound principle of Vision and direction, Its Objectives and Purposes are.

  1. To render service to the welfare of the members and non-members of the Trust.

  2. To promote physical, cultural, moral education, social development and education for Trustee and other public as well.

  3. To promote agriculture, horticulture, social forestry and other allied activities to enhance the income level of rural poor with proper guidance and as per topographical location.

  4. To promote livestock Development and Fishery Development programmes.

  5. To estalish Skill Training Centre, Vocational Training Centre, Entrepreneurship Training Centre and Income generation units for youths and other weaker section.

  6. To organise awareness generation programmes on different issues.

  7. To promote Self Help Groups (SHGs) and to undertake Micro Finance/Micro Credit for Economic empowerment of poor and needy people.

  8. To establish Skill Training Centre and income generation units for youths and other weaker section.

  9. To undertake entrepreneurship Training programme for unemployed youths.

  10. To promote Games & Sports and to organize Tournament, Coaching and Training on different disciplines of sports.

  11. To establish vocational training centres on different trades according to local demand and market situation.

  12. To establish Educational Institute, Schools/Colleges, professional Institutes etc. to meet the local demand and to bring quality education at affordable cost.

  13. To promote and establish E-learning courses/ Distance Education Centres.

  14. To undertake healthcare related programmes for all systems of medicine including AYUSH.

  15. To undertake women and child welfare activities such as establishment of Children Home/Orphan Home, Widow's Home, Home for the Destitute Women, Working women's Hostel etc.

  16. To organise youth leadership training and entrepreneurship development programme, seminars, conference, workshops, talks, lectures, meeting and symposium in furtherance of the objects.

  17. To undertake Welfare Programmes for differently abled persons.

  18. To run Aged Home and to undertake other aged welfare programmes.

  19. To set up information, recreational centre and libraries.

  20. To promote games & Sport and undertake activities relating to development of games & sports.

  21. To establish industrial production units on food processing and preservation.

  22. To preserve, protect and development of medicinal/economic. the rare species plants. wildlife, animals, fishes, ecological and environmental balance of nature.

  23. To promote Tourism related programmes.

  24. To undertake research work on different fields.

  25. To affiliate with other organisation i.e., national and international or accept affiliation with other organisations having similar objects.

  26. To render financial assisstance including loans, grants, subsidy to weaker sections of the people and recover such loans on furtherance of such terms and condition prescribed by the Trust from time to time.

  27. To raise fund from different funding agencies, financial institutions, Governments or any other approved agency for the fulfillment of the objects of the Trust.

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